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 The Tagging System!

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PostSubject: The Tagging System!   Sat Jun 18, 2016 10:11 pm

Ever had a hard time looking for a roleplay because there were so many and you just couldn't find the right one?

Well fret no more, we have a system to fix that! In your post title, all you need to do is put the correct tags in it and you'll find the right roleplays in no time.

Anon wrote:
But Birb, what is a tag?

That's a great question, Anon. A tag, simply, is a small thing you put in your topic title to represent the themes and such in your roleplay. Without further ado, here are the tags!

[A] - "Accepting" - A roleplay which is accepting applications for new characters.
[NA] - "Not Accepting" - A roleplay which is not accepting new members.
[PR] - "Private" - A roleplay that's usually only between two people.
[I] - "Invite-Only" - A roleplay you can't join without permission from the creator.

[AD] - "Adventure" - Denotes a roleplay with themes of adventure or exploration. Like a Pokemon Journey.
[M/P] - "Medieval/Past" - A roleplay set in the past.
[P] - "Present" - A roleplay set in present day.
[F] - "Future" - A roleplay set in the future.
[R] - "Romance" - A roleplay based around romantic themes. Only if it is part of the plot should a roleplay be tagged with this.
[SF] - "Science Fiction" - A roleplay with heavy sci-fi themes, such as space, zombies, etc.
[AU] - "Alternate Universe" - A fandom roleplay that may be set in a different timeline or where something didn't happen.

[PO] - "Powers" - A roleplay in which the characters have some sort of supernatural/unnatural gift or ability.
[S] - "School" - A roleplay set within a school or academic environment.
[X] - "Crossover" - A roleplay which mixes themes and characters from two pre-made universes.

Other Tags:
[Disc] - "Discussion" - This is where you can post your characters and any OOC talk, in a Discussion topic.
[IC] - "Interest Check" - Make sure there are people interested in your roleplay!

Feel free to PM me if you think there should be a tag that isn't there!
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The Tagging System!
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