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 Beatings and Hallucinations!

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PostSubject: Beatings and Hallucinations!   Sun Jun 19, 2016 7:52 pm

Howdy everyone, I'm Diana. I'm female and thirty years old as I'm sure you can probably see in my profile. I've been role playing since I was twelve years old or so (possibly as young as ten). I started out role playing over a live chat system called Chatzone (and they've banned role playing because of one person I used to role play with, funny story there honestly). I'm married with three kids and one of them role plays herself, though she's really new to it.

Here on Rising Moon Forums, I am a Global Moderator and Literacy Moderator. If you could use some tips on role playing for whatever reason, let me know because I'm happy to help. Also, if you need a Global Moderator, let me know obviously. I enjoy website and forum building and own several domains for testing and "just in case" situations. Uhm, I'm not opposed to loaning some of the domains out so if you would like to use one let me know and I'll give you a huge list of them that I own that I'm not using.

Currently, I run a wolf and dog role playing site, and my personal blog/website which also houses my role play characters. As far as role playing, I'm usually more inclined to gravitate toward wolf role plays these days, though I have partaken in city role plays as well as kind of x-men spin-offs. Humans with powers and what not, I still like that one too. If anyone has questions, feel free to ask. I'm a pretty open person, so you can ask me anything.
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Beatings and Hallucinations!
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